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As far as I know, Dad doesn't believe in that type of punishment, but Rodrick always seems to think Dad is going to make an exception for me.
Greg Heffley

The Belt is a form of punishment Rodrick Heffley thinks Greg Heffley will receive every time he gets in trouble in the online book.[1]

After getting in a lot of trouble, Ann Heffley tells Greg to wait until Frank Heffley gets home to see what he thinks about what he did.

In his room, Rodrick tells Greg that he was gonna get "The Belt" who Greg states his father doesn't believe in that kind of punishment. But to be sure Greg always sneaks in articles into his magazines that opposes the use of physical punishment.

When Frank knocked on Greg's door, he peeked through the door crack to make sure he wasn't wearing The Belt.


  • The inspiration of Rodrick telling Greg that he thinks Frank is gonna sell him after his situation with Rowley Jefferson in Dog Days likely comes from The Belt due to the similarities.