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13th Hole steep hill while sledging

The 13th Hole itself

The 13th Hole is considered the 'Ultimate Sledding Hill' in Plainview and is located in the Country Club.[1]

The 13th Hole's Siege[]

Last winter, as said by Greg in The Meltdown, everyone used to sled on a 'legendary' sledding hill in a golf course at the Country Club during the winter. However, it was considered trespassing and Rowley was scared he would be caught and they would revoke his Country Club membership.

After sledding it several times, with a new lump at the bottom making kids get some serious air, the Whirley Street Kids took over and drove the other kids off.

After getting kicked off the hill, The Whirley Street Kids went away and went to sled on Upper Surrey Street but, The Battle of Surrey Street was going on and they began fighting in it to get the hill for themselves.




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