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Taylor Pringle is a girl who appears in Rodrick Rules and Dog Days movies. She is played by former Odd Squad actress Dalila Bela.


Rodrick Rules (film)[]

She is first seen in the opening of Rodrick Rules along with several of other kids beating Greg up after he tripped and ruin her birthday cake when Greg tried to tackle Rodrick after he embarrasses him from the public and preventing him from asking Holly Hills to skate with him. She appears again at Church where he saw chocolate stains on his trousers yelling out "Poop! He's pooped his pants!"

Dog Days (film)[]

In this film she is seen along with Greg (who was attempting to impress Holly Hills) at the high dive board where she asks him if he was talking to himself. Greg denies to which he told him that he was scared then Greg told her that she's just a kid then after hearing that she tells him to go. When Greg jumped, his trunks were ripped off by the diving board, making Greg naked. This causes Taylor to enjoy herself and giggle at him then throwing Greg's trunks far away to the pool entrance, forcing Greg to be nearly caught naked by Holly Hills & Patty Farrell. Greg was also forced to wear girls' trunks after getting out of the pool who is then embarrassed by Patty & the public. Taylor is very satisfied with herself, and watches with a smug grin, as he passes by and retrieves his trunks.


Taylor is an ill-mannered, mean little girl, as shown when she sees that Greg is too scared jump in the water. She shakes the diving board and makes Greg fall in the water and get his shorts stuck on the edge of the diving board. When Greg tries to ask her to give him his shorts she throws them on a wall which causes Greg to have to find a pair of pink shorts, causing him humiliation.


Taylor has long curly brown mid-elbow length hair with light skin and dark brown eyes. But in the Dog Days movie, her hair is split up into two low pigtails instead of having it down. She also wears a black colorful one piece swimsuit attire that has tiny white polka dots and hot pink braided double strapped details by the left side above from them.


  • Her name is only known because in Rodrick Rules the film, someone mentions her name during her birthday party.
  • She always seems to target Greg and humiliate him, possibly because he ruined her birthday cake at the roller skating rink.
  • She is one of the few characters that only appeared in the movies.
  • Bela, the actress who portrayed her, coincidentally, is best known for her leading role of Olive in the said TVOntario television series right above it and Diane Barry in CBC's Anne with an E.
  • Her surname was named after a chips company brand.