Taking Care of Gregory & Rodrick A to Z (Gregory and Rodrick from A to Z in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online version) is a book by Susan. Susan made this for Grandpa a long time ago, so he would know how to take care of Greg and Rodrick when they were younger. According to Greg almost the whole book is out-dated but Grandpa still uses it.

It appears in The Ugly Truth.

The Original Pages


R is for red fruit juice.

Do not let Rodrick drink any before bedtime as it makes him extremely hyperactive.


S is for sneakers.

Gregory calls his sneakers "wild boys". He does not know how to tell his left and right shoes apart so he will need help getting them on.


T is for television.

The boys may watch up to thirty minutes of educational programming a day.

Greg's "Fixed" Pages

S (Book Version)

S is for spanking.

It's what you should do to Rodrick if he ever leaves the house without asking first.

S (Online Version)

S is for spanking.

It is what you should do if Rodrick sleeps past 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.


T is for television.

Gregory is allowed to watch as much as he likes.

The Original Pages (Gallery)

Greg's "Fixed" Pages (Gallery)

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