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The swim team is a group where kids learn swimming over the summer. Greg Heffley was forced to be on the swim team by his dad in Rodrick Rules. The team appears again in Dog Days.


Rodrick Rules[]

Greg says on his first year of the swim team Frank told him he's suppose to dive in when the umpire shot off a starter pistol. But Greg didn't know that the gun fires blanks so he was more focused on avoiding the bullet than swim to the other end of the pool. Even after Frank explained it to him, he was still the worse swimmer on the team. The only accomplishment he ever made was winning "Most Improved" at the awards banquet because there was a ten minute difference between his first and last race.

Rodrick Rules9

This year, Frank made Greg join the swim team again which is mostly why Greg didn't like his summer. Greg thinks being on the swim team is worse than middle school because he had to be at the pool by 7:30 and the water is always freezing. This is the first summer the coaches allows the boys wear swim trunks. Susan made Greg wear Rodrick Heffley's old bathing suit which created humiliation for Greg. Halfway through the summer, Greg would just lock himself in the bathroom after he swims a few laps. The only downside was the bathrooms are even colder than the pool.[1]

Dog Days[]

Dog Days75.2

Greg said he was glad that he isn't on the swim team this year during his birthday because last year he couldn't lift his arms to swim as he got so many birthday noogies when his mom told everyone that it was his birthday after she dropped him off at the pool.[2]

Dog Days176

The swim team organized the Champions Swim Meet that invited all the less skilled swimmers. Greg at first was happy he was invited, seeing that he had a chance of victory. Every kid got a first-place ribbon including Greg who walked his last lap during the 100-meter freestyle event and Tommy Lam who swam the wrong way while doing a backstroke. Rodrick Heffley tells Greg the Campions meet is a scam put together by parents to make their kids feel like a victor.[3]



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Rodrick Rules[]

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