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Sweetheart "Sweetie" (known as Sweetie Pie in the online book) is a dog that Frank Heffley got after his dad told him what happened to his old dog, Nutty. His relationship with Greg Heffley and the rest of the Heffley family is a focal point of the plot of Dog Days and makes a few more appearances in the later books.

Since being given away to Gramma, he has made occasional appearances, where it is shown that he has swollen like a balloon and been given his room, as he has been spoiled and overfed by her.

In the film adaptation of Dog Days, Frank Heffley gets Sweetie because it's suggested by Stan Warren that he should get a dog. Sweetie is played by a labradoodle named Oliver.


Sweetie is lazy and mischievous. As shown when he lies around all day and when he made Greg chase him through the neighborhood in his underwear. Sweetie doesn't take a liking to most people, mostly for what they do to him, like Frank, who constantly seeks his attention and annoys Sweetie to no end. He usually fawns over the comfort of Susan, even though she doesn't like Sweetie as much as Frank does.


Dog Days[]

Dog Days118.2

After Frank learned what happened to Nutty after his father told him the truth, he dropped his family home and then disappeared for a long time until he comes back with a large cardboard box, containing a dog. Susan Heffley wasn't thrilled with Frank getting a dog without talking with her first but seeing that her husband was happy, she let him keep it. At dinner, Susan asks the family to come up with a name for the dog. Greg wanted to name him "Shredder" or "Ripjaw", but Susan deemed that those were too "violent". Manny and Rodrick wanted to name the dog after an animal like "Elephant" or "Turtle" but Susan named the dog "Sweetheart" or Sweetie which was disliked by Greg because he was a boy but Sweetie seemed to be happy with the name as he can be seen cuddling with Susan. Greg said Joe Heffley probably wouldn't approve of the dog's name. Frank later made Rodrick go to the mall to buy a bowl with Sweetie's name printed on it, but Rodrick printed it as "Sweaty."

Dog Days123

Greg starts to have problems with Sweetie almost immediately. A commercial came on TV that interested Sweetie that showed gophers popping in and out of their holes but after Frank asks Sweetie where the gophers are, he starts barking at the TV constantly until the commercial comes back on. Sweetie would also sleep smack in the middle of Greg's bed, giving him very little space to sleep. Every morning at 7 Frank would come into Greg's room to take Sweetie out for a walk however the dog refuses to get up so Frank would flick the lights repeatedly. The other day Frank couldn't get Sweetie outside, so he went to the front of the house and rang the doorbell which woke Sweetie up who then used Greg's face as a launching pad. The next day Frank couldn't get Sweetie out of bed no matter what he did but an hour later he woke Greg up to take him outside.

Dog Days127

Greg didn't bother to dress up and let the dog out the front door, but Sweetie decided to make a run for it forcing Greg to chase after him while being nearly naked. Sweetie also lays on the couch all day long which prevents Greg from watching TV. Frank always tries to get Sweetie to kiss him on the nose but isn't successful because he doesn't like Frank. The only person Sweetie likes is Susan even though she barely pays any attention to him. [1]

When working on Hey, People! Greg said it was difficult to come up with new ideas because Sweetie was sitting on his pillow and licking his paws and tails. Last night Sweetie finally kissed Frank but it was most likelybecause he had potato chips on his breath. [2]

Dog Days197

Frank took Sweetie out again, but it started to rain and tried to get under the covers with Greg and manage to get through.[3]

Frank got on a phone call with Gramma on deciding what to do with Sweetie. They agreed Sweetie should be given to Gramma and Frank would provide him with enough food and water for a week.[4]

Cabin Fever[]

It's noted that Gramma has been over-feeding Sweetie and even giving him table scraps and is now heavily overweight. Greg says that "You'd hardly know he's the same dog, as he looks like a tick about to pop."

The Third Wheel[]

The Heffleys are shown to still have his exercise pen, and whenever Susan holds a playgroup for little kids, Manny takes his toys and locks them and himself inside his pen.

Hard Luck[]

In Hard Luck, it is shown that Gramma dresses him up like a little person, so he could be seen wearing a suit. Greg and Rodrick would also make raspberry sounds behind him which would make him look behind and then go back to sleep. Frank tried it once, but Sweetie farted on his face. Due to being fed a lot by Gramma, Greg referred to him as "a beach ball with legs."

The Long Haul[]

It is shown in a flashback that Greg once ate some whoopie pies. Susan however thought it was Sweetie who ate them, and since chocolate is not good for dogs, she had to get his stomach pumped even though she didn't need to.

The Meltdown[]

It is shown when Gramma takes her dog, Sweetie to a beach. He was shown lying down on the beach down south soaking up the sun.

The Deep End[]

It is shown that Sweetie has his room in Gramma's house, when Greg tries to move in his room.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

In the movie, Sweetie is a Labradoodle because it was mainly all the cast and crew could settle on based on his appearance. Greg is never really that fond of Sweetie. He is a dog rather than a puppy, and his name was given by Manny rather than Susan. Unlike the book, they don't give Sweetie away and end up keeping him.


Sweetie doesn't look much different in the online book since he is a dog, not a human. He is also quite small in the online book, about the size of a sock. It's unknown why he was so tiny in the online book. Sweetie plays a role quite similar to the one in the book. At Rodrick's party, some girls who are looking at the photo of the family with him in it say he is very "cute". When Rodrick tells them that he is in the basement, Greg thought they were talking about him, until Rodrick took Sweetie and locked the door. In this version, he is quite attracted to Greg's mother Ann (Susan's name in the online book).


On Wimpy Wonderland Island, in Rodrick's room, you can find a dog bowl that says "Sweaty" on it, like the bowl Rodrick got for Sweetie. This bowl is later used to distribute antifreeze.

In the Dog Days movie advertisement, go to the edge of the pool, and you'll see Sweetie next to the "Sweaty" dog dish.



Sweetie appears much smaller, with beady eyes, and a rough coat. He has a black nose, which is usually wet, and is a small breed.



  • In Cabin Fever, Sweetie had gained so much weight that he is depicted as having his feet hanging off the ground in the illustrations. According to Greg, he now looks like "a tick that's about to pop." Sweetie is mentioned but not seen in The Third Wheel.
  • Sweetie also appears in Hard Luck, he is shown dressed up in a suit jacket and tie and described as "a beach ball with legs."
  • In the Meltdown, Sweetie makes a cameo appearance when Gramma took him to the beach and is seen lying down getting a tan. Surprisingly he looks the same as he did in Dog Days despite gaining weight in Cabin Fever and Hard Luck, which could be because Gramma stopped overfeeding Sweetie.


  • In the foreign language editions of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Sweetie is known as Chuchu in Brazilian Portuguese, Mezi (מזי) in Hebrew, Dulci in Romanian, and Colombus in Greek respectively. In the Czech version, he is called "Chlupáček" which means "fluffy" but Rodrick brings a bowl with "Hlupáček" which is diminutive for "dumb". In the Turkish version, he is called "Aşki" which means "Lovely" but Rodrick brings a bowl with "Aksi" which is diminutive for "Moody".
  • Even though Sweetie doesn't appear in The Third Wheel, he was mentioned and it was shown that the Heffleys still have his exercise pen. When Susan holds a playgroup, Manny locks himself inside his pen to keep his toys to himself.
  • In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, he is smaller than in the book, about the size of a sock.
  • Greg's description of Sweetie in Cabin Fever is that he looks like a tick about to pop because of Gramma overfeeding him. In Hard Luck, Greg's description of Sweetie is that he looks like a beach ball with legs. However, in the Meltdown, he returned to his normal size implying he lost weight after the events of Hard Luck.
    • Regardless Sweetie appeared to have gained weight again by the time of The Deep End.
  • Sweetie has been mentioned in every book since Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days except for The Ugly Truth, although his role was much more significant in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
  • In the Dog Days film, Sweetie wasn't given away to Gramma like in the books, and the Heffleys still end up keeping him. In The Long Haul film, he is nowhere to be found; this is due to the movie being a reboot, instead of a sequel. 
  • In the Dog Days film adaptation, Sweetie is played by a Labradoodle.
    • In the books, it is speculated that Sweetie's breed is a Beagle.
    • In the online version, he could be a Chihuahua.
  • Despite his name, Sweetie is male.
  • Sweetie made an appearance in a Happy Meal Commercial created McDonald's alongside The Pig, Rodrick, Gammie, and Greg.



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