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Surrey Street (Surrey Circle in the online book) is the neighborhood where the Heffley family, the Jefferson family, and many other residents reside. It is replaced by Prestwick Drive as the Heffleys' residence in the online book and Third Street in the movies.

The street is informally split up into two halves: Lower Surrey Street, which is flat, and Upper Surrey Street, which is the hill part. Greg Heffley states that he lives in the middle of Surrey Street in other books but because he lives on Upper Surrey Street, he either lives in the middle of Upper Surrey Street or he lives near the bottom of the hill and is aligned with Upper Surrey Street.

In The Meltdown, Greg creates his own clan, which has a bloody axe and a wolf on it. The others immediately target him, but later take on his approach. They re-unite shortly after and defend themselves from Lower Surrey Street.


  • In the online book, Greg and his family live on Prestwick Drive instead.
  • In The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, it is mentioned that Surrey Street and all the other locations in the series don't take place in a specific state, but it does take place somewhere in the United States of America.
  • Even though most of the rivalry between Upper and Lower Surrey Street is both explained and shown in The Meltdown, the first mentions of any rivalry were between Greg and his bully, Nasty Pants. Pants lived on Lower Surrey Street, which may have been an early mention of rivalry. However, most people agree that it was a coincidence.