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The Student of The Week Award is an award given to kids in Larry Mack Junior Middle School. According to Greg Heffley, every kid has won it at some point including Fregley.[1]

During the events of Cabin Fever, Greg receives the award and was proud of it. He wanted to put it on Frank Heffley's new car however he wasn't contended on letting Greg doing such a thing saying it would cause his car to get junky.[2]

Greg decides to give it to Manny Heffley where he slaps in the middle of Frank's car.[3] Greg finds out and frantically tries to rip it off. With the aid of steel wool, Greg manages to peal it off but scraps off a lot of the paint.

Frank gets angry after he sees it, but Susan Heffley came to Greg's defense saying that everyone makes mistakes and the sports car wasn't really a good decision so she made him trade it in for a used minivan which already had a Student of The Week Award on the bumper from the previous owners.[4]




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