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The storage room is a an area in Greg Heffley's middle school where items such as old homework assignments and school projects are stored. It appears in Hard Luck.

The storage room is known to have several old science projects as well as papers and old school assignments. A few years prior to Hard Luck, Erick Glick, Dennis Denard, and several other students started a racket where they sold assignments and homework papers to students. Out of desperation, Greg Heffley visits Erick when he is out of ideas for a science project and is shown through the storage room. After he gets cold feet, Erick and Dennis try to pressure him to buy a project, but ultimately fail when Greg bolts. A few days after this, someone exposes the location and a number of faculty members raid the storage room, breaking up the ring. Erick, Dennis, and all of the other students that are caught are given detention for the rest of the year and Greg assumes they were also sent to summer school.


The following is a list of items stored inside the storage room.

  • Numerous Science Fair projects, including:
    • An unnamed project that may revolve around planets
    • Power (name partially obscured)
    • Bird Feed (name partially obscured)
    • How Much Caffeine is in Our Drinks?
    • How Strong Are Eggs?
    • Soda Taste Test
    • My Ferret Milky
    • Electro-Magnetism
    • Hand Washing
    • How Do Volcanoes Work?
    • How Does Smell Affect Taste?
    • Redu- Acid (name partially obscured)
    • Electric Potato Clock
    • Can Flowers Grow Upside Down?
    • How Mu- Sugar (name partially obscured)
    • Does it Float?
    • Decoding the Human Genome
    • What Type of Music do Flowers like Best?
  • Numerous book reports
  • Numerous other projects and homework assignments