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Stewart Taylor Jr. is the lead singer and occasionally rhythm guitarist of Metallichihuahua and a corporate lawyer for (and one of the owners of) Taylor and Fisch. He appears in Diper Överlöde.

According to Warwick Sprinter's response to Löded Diper's question about Metallichihuahua's breakup, it really started when people started telling Stewart that he was the real star of the band. Stewart felt assured to make a solo holiday album which ended in disaster. As a result, he left the band and the music industry altogether in favor of going back to school and becoming an attorney -- he ended up getting a job at a law firm that represented a company that published a series of trading cards called Revolting Runts.[1]

Later in the book Stewart sent a cease and desist letter to the Heffley's residence informing Rodrick that he was gonna sue Löded Diper for monetary damages if the band doesn't change its name. The reason given was the company owns a trademark to one of their characters named Loaded Diaper. The prospect of an expensive legal fight shook all Löded Diper members to leave Rodrick.[2]

But Rodrick double-back and so Stewart personally handed him a manila envelope announcing that his company was officially taking Löded Diper to court in the middle of their performance at the Battle of the Bands. But Wayne Barnes, now a Hipp 'O' Henry's security guard recognizes Stewart and quickly ran onstage to start a feud with him which also attracted other former members of Metallichihuahua. The crowd figured out that the people arguing on stage are the band members of Metallichihuahua and so they began to cheer for their reunion. Seeing the crowd's excitement, they decide to reunite and reform the band after becoming the first to win the competition twice.[3]



  • At the end of the book, Bill starts acting the same way when Becky tells him he's all who matters in Löded Diper, which theorizes Stewart was a lot like Bill before he got 'corrupted'.
  • Some even consider him a Minor Antagonist since he sent a letter to Rodrick threatening to sue for property damages which led to the break-up of Loded Diper.
  • It's unknown what happened to the lawsuit that he threatened Rodrick's band with because it's never brought up again after he confronts Rodrick at the Battle of the Bands (which ultimately leads to him and the other original members of Metallichihuahua reuniting).
  • Stew is similar to Judas Priest lead singer Rob “The Metal God” Halford, who left the band because of infighting, had a horrible singer replace him, and record a very bad holiday album. He is also similar in the way that, after disappearing for a couple of years, he returns to his band, which is even heavier and better than before.



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