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Stephen is a man with a cow body who is one of the people that went on a expedition with Roland the Kind to help save his mom. He appears in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure.


Stephon at one point went into Medusa's cave where he gets turned into a stone statue by looking at Medusa. He stays in that form until being freed by the One-Eyed Wizard where he was so thankful that he joins Roland on his quest to save his mom along with Shae'Vana. Roland's team went through the Razor Range, being harassed by ogres but was able to escape the range and fend off the ogres thanks to Lefty's heroic action. To celebrate, Stephen gave every a glass of milk who all agreed it was better than soda however Stephen was quickly put into danger again when giant eagles came down and swooped them up and was only saved thanks to Shae'Vanna's good shooting.

After Christoph was introduced to the team, they marched for days then one night Shae'Vanna steals the group's map and resources which cause Stephen to be in a fight with Garg. Eventually, the group sorted things out and continued their march on the Ice Fortress. Stephen attacks the One-Eyed Wizard during the final battle but got grabbed by Righty with the rest of the group. They were saved by Roland's mom and defeated the One-Eyed Wizard turning him into a good guy.

Stephen received a holiday sweater from Santa Claus to celebrate their victory then teams up with Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes when they return home.


Greg Heffley didn't like Stephen as he thought Rowley Jefferson was trying to draw a centaur but tells him to keep him as he would be an excellent character for a fast-food market. After the death of Lefty, Greg says Stephen should die next as he wasn't adding to the story. However neither Stephen nor anyone else is killed off when Rowley refuses to let any more characters die.