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Stank is a rock band that competed in the Battle of the Bands. They were Löded Diper's main competitor at the Battle of the Bands, as that they were a lot popular than Löded Diper, and that Bill Walter was part of the band at the time.


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The Stankers

Löded Diper became aware of Stank when just like them, they put up stickers of their logo and posters all over town. Greg noticed the similarities between Stank and Rodrick's band, particularly their use of toilet humor and foul smells, which led to initial assumptions that Stank was a copycat group. However, Stank quickly surpassed Löded Diper in popularity, with their music being played everywhere, a large social media following, and even a sponsor.

As the Battle of the Bands approached, Rodrick and his bandmates decided to attend one of Stank's concerts in disguise to assess the competition. To their surprise, Stank was genuinely talented and had a devoted fan base who knew all the lyrics to their songs. Bill, Löded Diper's lead singer, enjoyed the performance so much that he bought a significant amount of Stank merchandise, which angered Rodrick. [1]

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When Rodrick's bandmates abandoned him, he was forced to search for replacements. Meanwhile, Stank's original lead singer suffered a vocal cord injury during one of their shows, leading Bill to join the band as their new frontman. Ultimately, Bill performed with Stank at the Battle of the Bands, where they were the second-to-last act to perform, with Löded Diper being the final group. However they lost to Metallichihuahua who suddenly reunited and won the competition. Sometime later, Stank fired Bill (and possibly Becky) who went back to Löded Diper as its lead singer.[2]

Known songs[]


  • It's unknown who took Bill's place as the lead singer of Stank after he was fired whether if the original lead singer came back after his vocal chords healed or if the group found another replacement.
  • Given how Stank was so much more professional than Löded Diper, it's likely that they did the band full time.
  • It's unclear why Stank fired Bill after the Battle of the Bands, however given that Bill was getting a lot of attention during his time in the band, it's likely the band fired him due to the other members feeling overshadowed by a newcomer.




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