Stan Warren



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Name Stan Warren
Age 40-50
Gender Male.png
Actor Philip Maurice Hayes
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes (as Mr. Swann)
Book Appearance? Yes

“A troop is only as good as its leader. Any troop that would let Frank Heffley be Assistant Troop Master is bound to be weak. There are two types of people in the world. Predators... and prey. Frank Heffley is a wounded gazelle.”
―Stan to his children

Stan Warren (also known as Mr. Swann in the online book) is Frank Heffley's boss at work who makes appearances throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He is an antagonist in the third film.

Mr. Warren has three kids who are massive sports fanatics in the book series and a son named Dan Swann in the online book. He drives Frank to be tougher on his kids, as he is tired of looking bad in front of his boss.

In the film, he is most likely not his boss at work, and more of a former friend of Frank Heffley. He is played by Phillip Maurice Hayes in the movie adaptation of Dog Days.


Role in Rodrick Rules

Mr. Warren greets Frank in the parking lot of the middle school as he arrives at the Winter Talent Show with Bill Walter in his son Rodrick's van. This is implied to embarrass him, as he doesn't like that he had to ride in the van in the first place.

Role in The Last Straw

Mr. Warren sees Frank as his family leaves the church Manny Heffley started throwing a tantrum (caused by his brother Greg calling him a "ploopy"). Frank tries to cover his face with the church bulletin but is spotted and given a thumbs-up by him.

When Greg Heffley's soccer team loses a game after he becomes distracted blowing dandelions, Frank learns about it from Mr. Warren, who gives him a newspaper with an article covering the incident at work.

Dog Days (film)

He appears in Dog Days as the tertiary antagonist. He is said by Greg to host big July the 4th parties every year and went to the same Wilderness Explorers troop as Frank and owns his own scouting troop. He later appears near the end, where Greg gets his back along with his friends after he insults Frank secretly to his troop by calling him a "wounded gazelle". Greg then finds out that his camp has more luxury than Mr. Barrett's camp after he tries to hide ants under his bed as part of the plan, but they go all over him causing him to damage many of the tents such as burning the tent's cover. After Frank finds out about his luxury, he gets angry when he discovers he insulted Greg and his friends. He then fell over the honey trap and rolled down a slope, causing his head to land in a bee's nest. He is then mentioned by Greg that his troop disbanded and he now hosts a badminton team for kindergartners.


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