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The Spaghetti Barn is a restaurant that presumably specializes in Italian foods such as spaghetti. It is mentioned in The Ugly Truth.

When the Heffley family is unable to make dinner on their own after Susan starts taking night school classes, they decide to go to Spaghetti Barn for dinner. As they are leaving Rodrick spits his gum at some moths that are near a light, hitting his father Frank, who then chases Rodrick around and ends up tripping over a curb and twisting his ankle. Rodrick has to drive to the emergency room, where he lies that he stepped on one of Manny Heffley's trucks in the driveway.[1]

At nighttime in the next day, Frank has to go to work late so Rodrick sets up the spaghetti from the Spaghetti Barn leftovers in the microwave. However, he doesn't actually rewarm it, so when Greg Heffley bites into a meatball, he ends up spitting it back out because it's ice cold, possibly turning him off of leftovers permanently.[2]




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