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Spag Union, turning irresponsible little boys into men since 1925.
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Spag Union Military Academy (known as Spag Union Preparatory School in the Dog Days film, or simply Spag Union) is an all-boys military school in Plainview that Frank Heffley tried to enroll Greg into if he did not behave well. Boys could attend Spag Union once they reached the middle school age.


The Last Straw[]

Greg did not go to Spag Union because, during Seth Snella's half-birthday party, Greg saved his dad from having to try to make Seth laugh by doing funny stuff by trying to get Seth's blue blanket back, ending up hanging on the tree and his pants falling down in the process. That accident prevented his dad from having to act in front of Seth, and his dad paid him back by reverting his decision on sending him to Spag Union.

Dog Days[]

Greg indirectly mentions Spag Union when he worries about what Frank will do to him after all the occurring events that put their relationship at stake during a suspicious phone call.[1]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]


SPAG Union Commercial

A commercial from the Spag Union during the movie.

In the movie, Greg and Rowley first pass by Spag Union on the way to the country club. Rodrick finds a Spag Union DVD package in the mail a day after the work lie backfired. While he and Greg are watching it, it makes them worried they would end up there. The film also shows a student who used to play video games every day, but when he got sent there, he started reading math books, saying that he found more adventure in the book. Another student used to lie that he would be studying, but he would hang out with his friends at the mall. He now has a tracking device, so he can't sneak out. After the tape, Rodrick tells Greg that he should use Wilderness Weekend to prove to his father that he won't need to go to Spag Union. Fortunately, Frank has decided not to send Greg to Spag Union, after learning the truth that his neighbor Mr. Warren made fun of him, and after he accused Greg of burning his tent and that Greg took responsibility for the incident.


Spag Union is mentioned in the online version as well. A similar school called Bishop Garrigan High School is mentioned as well.


  • Spag Union was established in 1925.
  • According to Fregley, you have to call everyone there in authority "sir," even the ladies.
  • The main reason why Greg doesn't want to go to Spag Union is because according to rumors, the showers there are not private.
  • The school in the movie accepts students going into the eighth grade, instead of the start of middle school, like in the book.





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