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Dear Greg- It's ovor.
Sophie's note to Greg Heffley after he returns to his old school.

Sophie Mack is the ex-girlfriend of Greg Heffley, the older sister of Larry Mack Junior Junior and the daughter of Larry Mack Junior. She appears in No Brainer.

When Greg transfers to Slacksville Middle School, he quickly becomes one of the most popular students due to him being one of the only literate kids attending. This attracts the attention of Sophie and she asks him a question as a justification to talk to him. Things move expeditious from there, Sophie and Greg eat lunch together for the rest of the week and they promptly become a couple.

Greg gets the assurance to ask out Sophie on a date but he quickly begins reconsidering his decision when discovers that her father is the notorious Larry Mack's son. After their date to the cinema, they visit a fast-food chain which Mr. Leyton, Greg's old "Latin" teacher, works at. Greg places an order to him in "Latin" which impresses Sophie's dad and he decides to reopen his middle school because of the education that Greg received there.[1] Sophie doesn't want to date-long distance so she breaks up with Greg after he transfers schools however Greg believes that he might've dodged a bullet with that one, because like most Slackville students, she is not very bright.[2]




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