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Not to be confused with Snow Catapult

The Snowball Launcher was a small range weapon that was used in The Battle of Surrey Street.

Mitchell Picket's store 2

Structure and Origin[]

  • The snowball launcher was similar to some kind of hand catapult. A snowball would be put at the end of a long stick. The end had a cavity for a snowball and the stick would be either a) be bent back and released or b) be swung forwards. They were made by Mitchell Pickett and sold at his shed. Greg even bought one as well as a dozen snowballs.

Use in The Battle of Surrey Street[]

  • Greg and other people have been seen to use them. Greg used it to fend of himself and the launchers themselves gave Upper Surrey Street an advantage. It had a medium role in the battle.


  • Name: Snowball Launcher
  • Size: 1ft long
  • Price: Unknown, thought to be $10