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Not to be confused with Snowball Launcher

The Snow Catapult was a large weapon used in The Battle Of Surrey Street by an unnamed user.

Structure and Origin[]

The snow catapult was constructed by Mitchell Pickett and was sold in the shed to an unnamed user. When Greg went there to get supplies, he said he wished he took the "Entire Change-Jar" when he saw it.

Use in The Battle Of Surrey Street[]

Even though not much is known, the large two-page illustration shows an unnamed user using it on the battlefield. It is shown firing snowballs at a large group in the bottom right corner. Its exact role, however, is not known.


Name: Snow Catapult

Ammunition: Snowballs/Snow

Price: Over $30

Size: c.1-3 meters wide, 2-3 meters tall.

Used By: Unnamed User

Built By: Mitchell Pickett