The Snella Half-Birthday Party is an event hosted by the Snella Family.

How it goes

Whenever the Mr. and Mrs. Snella have a baby, they throw a big party for the baby once they turn six-months-old and invite all the neighbors. Greg claims that the "highlight" of every party is when all the adults line up to try and make the baby laugh (with Mr. Snella videotaping it). Greg explains that the Snellas big dream is to win the $10,000-grand prize on America's Funniest Families--while they've never actually won it, Greg notes that the Snellas have managed to videotape some decent stuff over the years.

Most Notable Half-Birthday Party Per Baby

  • Sam Snella - Mr. Bittner accidentally splits his pants while doing jumping jacks.
  • Scott Snella - Mr. Odom walks backwards and he fell into the baby pool.
  • Seth Snella - Mr. Snella recorded Greg Heffley hanging on a tree branch while wearing a pair of Rodrick's dress pants that came down and showed him wearing his Wonder Woman Underoos as his underwear.
  • Unnamed Snella baby - Greg dumped all nine deviled eggs on his plate into the Snellas' plastic plant at the dining room.




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  • Greg claims to have been to every single half-birthday party held by the Snellas, and says that no baby has laughed once.
  • Frank intentionally avoids going to the half-birthday parties just because he hates the idea of looking goofy in front of other people.
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