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Slumber Party Pals is a book series that appears in Hard Luck. It revolves around two girls, one of them named Lindsey, who are best friends.


Greg Heffley started reading Slumber Party Pals when he forgot to bring a book for silent reading one day. Despite the books being marketed at girls, he finds them quite captivating. According to Greg, the plot of each book follows a similar pattern - the two main characters fight over a trivial matter, but ultimately learn the value of friendship and make up. Greg thinks this dynamic is specific to girls and not boys, who tend to move on quickly from accidents or fights.

There are at least 100 volumes in the series and Greg has read nearly all of them. Greg says that the first thirty books were enjoyable, but the author's creativity started to wane after that.[1]


  • Lindsey: A girl who always gets into fights with her best friends.
  • Unnamed girl: Lindsey's best friend.
  • Justin: A boy who the girls often fight over.

Known Volumes[]

  • #3: Teamwork! - Appears to be about the girls babysitting.
  • #7: Boyfriend Trouble - The unnamed girl falls in love with a boy, and Lindsey feels left out.
  • #9: Best Frenemies - Appears to be about the girls in yet another fight.
  • #87: Lindsey Loses a Mitten - Lindsey loses one of her mittens.



  • The Slumber Party Pals books could be an allusion to 80's/90's book series like Sweet Valley Twins or The Baby Sitters Club.



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