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A Sloppy Special is a kind of Slush Snowball created by Mitchell Pickett. It was sold in his shed at the Battle of Surrey Street.


According to Greg, when he asked why it costs five times more than regular snowballs, Mitchell Pickett said that it was slush, covered by snow. An illustration suggests it had a core of slush that was 1/3 of the entire snowball. It was then covered with snow which made up the remaining 2/3. In real life, however, it wouldn't keep its shape, and to cover a sphere of slush with snow in the first place would be a very difficult task.

Use in the Battle of Surrey Street[]

The first recorded use of Sloppy Specials in the Battle of Surrey Street was when the Lower Surrey Street kids retaliated by throwing Sloppy Specials at the wall. This gave the indication that Mitchell Pickett was playing both sides. It also allowed Lower Surrey Street forces to fight back. It had a large role in the battle, and in the book in general.[1]



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