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Slipslide Water Park is a water park targeted for families. Löded Diper was hired once for a show near the wave pool during Dog Days.


Dog Days[]

Years before the events of Dog Days Grandpa Heffley took Greg Heffley here and left him in the waterslide area for the whole day. Grandpa tells Greg he'll meet him in three hours but Greg didn't went on any of the slides because he misread the sign at the entrance. He thought the sign said that people under 48 years old must be accompanied by an adult, but the sign really said that people under 48 inches must be accompanied.

A year before the book, Rodrick's band, Löded Diper was hired to do a show on a music stage near the wave pool. His band asked the park people to set up a smoke machine for their show but they ended up setting Rodrick's band with a bubble machine. [1]

Dog Days109.2

During the Heffley's trip, Susan Heffley picked their stop at the water park because it was half-price for families but because of Greg and Rodrick's past bad experience they weren't too happy about it. After they went through the gates Greg convinced Susan to rent a double stroller so he didn't had to walk. They parked the stroller near the wave pool, which was really crowded to point where you could barely see the water. It started to rain shortly after the Heffleys put on their sunscreens which ended the trip there.[2]

In one of the photos in Susan's photo album at the end of the book shows Rodrick sitting in a bench at Slipslide and says "who needs the beach?"[3]

The Long Haul[]

Greg wanted to go to Soak Central because when he went to Slipslide Water Park last year it rained, and he figured this could make up for that.[4]



Dog Days[]


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