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Slacksville Middle School is a poorly educated school whose curriculum is incredibly behind. It resides near the state's dump and is featured in No Brainer.

After Larry Mack Middle School's potential closure is publicised, Slacksville Middle School is marked as one of the schools that students will be split up into. The school is an unpopular choice for many as the other school, Fulson Tech, is way more advanced and the school lacks basic needs such as air conditioning and fresh air since it's right beside the state dump.[1] Once the registration list for both of the schools gets publicized onto the school bulletin board, Greg is relieved that he'll be transferred into Fulson Tech.[2] However after Alex Aruda's parents enroll him into a boarding school, the list flips upside down resulting in Greg now having to transfer to the more inferior school instead.

Greg is unable to convince his parents to transfer him to a private school instead of Slacksville and his only option is to study for the exam so his school doesn't get shut down.[3] However after his school gets infiltrated by bees from one of the c-wing renters during the exam, the students inevitably flunk resulting in it officially closing down. Greg has to travel to Slacksville through a pet grooming service's truck due to there being no formal bus routes to the town. Once he arrives, Greg expects there to be an official greeting to the new students but nobody seemed to be aware of their presence. Greg was glad that he wasn't dumb enough to sport any attire from his old school as Andrew Huck was wearing a Looters shirt which might as well been a target on his back.

After entering his first few periods, Greg realizes the quality of education was even more inferior then his previous school as they were being educated way below their grade level. Greg uses this opportunity as a chance to shine and he gains popularity from knowing how to tell the time. Greg's newfound popularity however reaches new heights after he gives out his old school's recipe, Fudgedogs, during Home Ec. Along with making him famous all around school, this attracts the attention of a few female admirers and a girl named Sophie Mack asks him a question as a justification to talk to him. Things move expeditious from there, Sophie and Greg eat lunch together for the rest of the week and they promptly become a couple.[4]

After their date to the cinema, Sophie's father, Larry Mack Junior, decides that the reason why Greg seemed so bright was because of the education he received at his old school and he donates a fortune to reopen it under his namesake. All the students who got transferred had to return which the Fulson Tech attendees weren't too thrilled about. Sophie doesn't want to date-long distance so she breaks up with Greg however he believes that he might've dodged a bullet with that one since like most Slacksville students, she isn't very bright.[5]

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