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Slacksville (also called "Jewellerytown") is the neighboring town and the biggest rival of Plainview.


It is noted that around twenty years ago, a football player named Anthony Grow lost a football game to Slacksville by missing a shot on an empty net, causing him to become ostracized in Greg's hometown.

Around 100 years ago, Plainview was supposed to get a large jewellery factory in their hometown, but two affluent men snatched it for Slacksville. Last year, the state was planning to be situating a big garbage dump in Plainview but they quickly adjusted their zoning laws, and the dump was instead situated in Slacksville.

On the Fourth of July, the Mayor of Slacksville contacted the Mayor of Plainview and he claimed that he wanted to provide a peace offering between them. The mayor of Slacksville apprised them that they wanted to donate their wood to the annual Plainview bonfire. The mayor authorized Slacksville to do this, but then the health inspector discovered that the wood was chemically treated, and they had been deceived by Slacksville.

The mayor of Plainview requested the mayor of Slacksville to haul the wood away but he refused to and just laughed at her. The decaying pile of wood remains in their park to this day, and it concluded preschool soccer games early.


Big Shot[]

During the events of Big Shot, a basketball match was held at Slacksville High between Plainview and Slacksville, with the latter winning with 103 points to 2. The audience (which mostly consists of Slacksville residents), is seen hostile towards Greg's team. It is implied that one of the personnel running the gym turned up the heat in the visitors' locker room just to make Greg's team uncomfortable.

No Brainer[]

Greg mentions that Slacksville attempted to get revenge on Plainview for the garbage dump zoning by assembling a wind turbine to blow the smell back; however this failed as wind turbines are used to generate electricity, not to create wind. Plainview constructs a billboard dissing Slacksville which causes Slackville's property values to plummet. Slacksville puts up a bid to rename Greg's middle school to Slacksville Rules! Middle School. But despite them being willing to pay, Principal Bottoms decides to decline the offer.[1]




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