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This unnamed skunk is an animal that appears in The Deep End.

The skunk was responsible for eating the Heffley's hotdogs after they left it out because of panic of a siren that there was a skunk on the property.[1]

Towards the end of The Deep End, the skunk manages to spray the Heffleys after it went inside their RV for shelter from the storm which distracted the Heffleys from the chaos after half of the bridge at Campers' Eden was destroyed by the thunderstorm.[2] The skunk came then be seen at the end of the book.[3]

Also, to remove the skunk smell after they were sprayed, they used chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide and such. They filles these chemicals and products in the hot tub which was available at the Campers' Eden.


  • According to Rodrick, skunk spray is flammable, which is actually true, interestingly.
  • Greg made up a comic with a skunk named Stinky Sebastian.




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