"Your first mistake, Mr. Beasley, was when you forgot to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit!"
―Sherlock Sammy
159px-Sherlock Sammy

Sherlock Sammy.

Sherlock Sammy (also known as Encyclopedia Brown in the online book) is the protagonist of a fictional book called "Sherlock Sammy Does It Again", which includes twenty short stories. He appears in Rodrick Rules and the online book.

In Rodrick Rules, Greg Heffley states that he has been using the book he stars in as book report material for the past five years, due to how easy they are to process. He claims that the plot of all of the stories are the same; an adult commits a crime, then Sherlock Sammy figures it out and makes the person look stupid.


  • In Rodrick Rules, Sherlock Sammy has a striped shirt, but in the online book, he has a black shirt.
  • Sherlock Sammy's name is likely a reference to Sherlock Holmes, another fictional detective.
  • In the online book, Sherlock Sammy is replaced by Encyclopedia Brown, the protagonist of a real life book series.


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