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Sherlock Holmes was a fictional detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He has starred in over fifty short stories and is one of the most portrayed literary characters in film and television history. He appears in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure when he is trying to solve the disappearances of the people who ventured into Razor Range, later joining the questing party of Roland the Kind.

After finding clues that points towards Medusa's cave, he was forced to stop and pretend to be a statue while closing his eyes when Medusa passes by until Garg the Barbarian was ready to smash him with his club. He explains to Roland that he was trying to solve the case of people's disappearance in the Razor Range. He tells Garg and Roland to stand still and close their eyes just as Medusa finished taking her shower. After she passes them, he made Roland hide in her bathroom before she came back then sneaks into her bathroom.

Awesome Friendly Adventure83

Sherlock getting turned into a statue

Sherlock theorizes a potential weakness that can help them defeat Medusa and made Roland grab Garg's mirror while he stays in the bathroom. After a few minutes, Sherlock leaves the bathroom to see what was taking Roland so long before he gets turned into a statue getting hit by a reflection of Medusa caused by her metal shield. He remained in this state until the One-Eyed Wizard turns him back.

He and the group went through the Razor Range with two other new members and was on route towards an abandon castle to seek shelter which resulted with Christoph joining the group. They marched for a long time before deciding to take a stop to sleep. When Roland woke up, he discovers his map missing in so he wakes up Sherlock to determine the thief and concludes it was Shae'Vana after some examination with the foot prints left behind.

Awesome Friendly Adventure160

Sherlock leading the way on Shae'Vana'trial

The group also discovers their food supplies to be missing and started to panic. The One-Eyed Wizard blamed it on Sherlock who tells him a detective's job was to solve a crime after they occurred. They finally cooled down and decided to follow Shae'Vana's foot prints after Sherlock told them it should lead to the Ice Fortress where Roland's mom is at. After some walking, Sherlock was suspicious and thought Shae'Vana was leading them into a trap after they went in a corn maze.

With some help from the ghost of Bampy the Brave, they were able to exit the maze and continued following the foot prints towards a river of lava at the Colossal Canyon. Sherlock kept following the elf's trail into a desert where it fades away. They walked for a long time and stopped at the Frigid River however with some help from a Little Mermaid, they were able to speed across and arrived at the Ice Fortress.

Awesome Friendly Adventure202

Sherlock and the rest of the gang ready to attack

The One-Eyed Wizard reveals the truth and turned on everyone. When he tries to blast Santa Claus, he hits the wall which allows Sherlock and the rest of the group to attack him but was trapped by Righty. They were about to die until Roland's mom came out of the floor with a seahorse and defeats the One-Eyed Wizard, turning him into a good guy.

Santa gave Sherlock a new magnifying glass then teams up with Stephen to solve crimes when they get home before saying farewell.