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Shae'Vana (shay-vah-nah) is an elf who was one of the victims that got turned into a stone statue by Medusa before getting turned back to her human state by The One-Eyed Wizard. She stood around and joins Roland the Kind's journey on saving his mother in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure.


Shae'Vana was one of Santa Claus's best toy makers and went on a vacation which ended up with her being turned into a statue and was turned back by the One-Eyed Wizard. She joins Roland's journey to save his mom.

She went with her group through the Razor Range where at one point giant eagles surprise attack the group and was only saved by Shae'Vana's good shooting with her bow. They flew out of the mountains in the Mines of Murlak after being chased out by dwarves.

Awesome Friendly Adventures134

The One-Eyed Wizard propose to rest in an abandon castle, but discovers a light coming from the castle. Shae'Vana volunteer to investigate with Roland then ties a rope to an arrow and shot at the windowsill then climbs up the tower. She went in the room where Christoph introduces himself. After finishing his backstory, Shae'Vana asks him if he wanted to join their quest to which he accepted, then they climbed down where she introduces him to the rest of the group. After Christoph told the group about the problem of traveling in the day, Shae'Vana suggests that they could travel at night instead.

They marched for days, with Shae'Vana holding hands with Christoph the whole time until they discover Christoph had another curse which made Shae'Vana like him more, even burning Roland when he asks her if they should leave Christoph. The next night, Shae'Vana gets suspicious of the One-Eyed Wizard being Santa's brother who was seeking revenge so she steals the group's map and put the One-Eyed Wizard's eye in her pocket so he couldn't see.

While the group was asleep, she leads a trail to delay the group then reaches the Ice Fortress to warn Santa. She tries to look for the entrance until the group catches up and Roland opens the door. When she finds the entrance she discovers Santa about to loose to the One-Eyed Wizard so she shot his wand out of his hand and explains to Roland why she decides to steal the group's map and apologizes for it.

Awesome Friendly Adventure212

However, the One-Eyed Wizard quickly gets the upper advantage and traps everyone using Righty but was saved by Roland's mom who appeared out of nowhere. The One-Eyed Wizard was defeated and turned into a good guy. Shae'Vana takes Christoph and resumes her vacation after saying farewell to everyone.


Greg Heffley gives Rowley Jefferson a book called Monsters Of Myth where he hints in adding an archer that is an elf.

Awesome Friendly Adventures128

After Rowley adds Shae'Vana into the story, Greg imagines a happy meal that revolves around Shae'Vana as an elf girl. He says girls would like Shae'Vana and would want to dress up as her on Halloween and suggests her to have a talent of being a master thief. A few chapters later, Greg says the only thing missing from the story was romance and Garg and Shae'Vana would be a good couple but Rowley says maybe Roland would be a better fit. Greg however repose this, saying Roland would be too busy playing the flute rather than pursuing a relationship and suggests a conflict between Garg and Roland over her.

When Shae'Vana steals the group's map, Greg loves the plot twist but doesn't want credit for coming up with that idea because of the backlash that would ensue. According to Greg this is a risky move saying that a woman may name her baby Shae'Vana before finding out that she was a criminal.


  • Her name is a combination of the names of Shaelyn Germain (Shae), Vanessa Jedrej (Va) and Anna Cesary (Na).