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The Seven-Legged Spider is a character who appeared in The Getaway. It has seven legs due to one of its legs falling off. The spider first appeared in the bathroom of the Heffley family's room at the Isla de Corales resort. Greg Heffley went to put his slippers on in the bathroom after taking a shower, to find something inside of one of them. When he shook it to get the thing out, a giant spider fell out. Greg then gets scared of the spider, and spends a long time trying to get rid of it without getting super close to it. Ultimately the spider is caught under a cup by a Greg. He calls the room service but the waiter went away after seeing the "do not disturb sign" by Susan. He says he could come anyway. Unluckily, Greg bumps into him. He finds out the waiter has the same problem with spiders too. The spider then escaped from the cup and started crawling again. After that Greg manages to capture it with the food cover and pinned it against the wall. He tried to cover the whole spider and that's when one of its legs came off. The spider dropped to the ground and crawled everywhere. It made a mistake by going onto the rim of the toilet. Greg quickly shut the lid and the room service guy flushed it.

After a while Frank tells him he saw it on the lid. He hit it with the bathrobe and it disappeared. After a very long time, Rodrick was trying to pull Greg up from the wall between the Mild Side and the Wild Side and it came out of Rodrick's bathrobe and onto Greg's hand. Afterwards, the spider joined the stampede and charged at the Wild Side, followed by some other people. 


  • The spider is most likely a Haitian Brown Caribbean Tarantula. 
  • It is the fifth animal antagonist, following Sweetie (Dog Days) Rebel (Hard Luck), The Seagull (Long Haul), and the Geese (Double Down).
  • The spider is half the size of Manny and the Pig.
  • The spider is mentioned to be the size of Greg's hand.
  • It may be a parody of Charlotte from Charlottes Web.
  • Despite being a minor antagonist, it had a larger role than The Director of Fun.
  • It may have been crushed under the stampede, but its fate is unknown.