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Sebastian Sleeves is the drummer of Rodrick's favorite band, Metallichihuahua who plays his drums only using his feet after he burned his hands during a grilling accident. He makes his debut in Diper Överlöde.


Sebastian was the drummer of Metallichihuahua and he apparently gained so much money that he was able to buy a mansion with a fancy pool. At some point, he burned his hands in a hamburger grilling accident before he and his band left on a world tour, worried about the tour potentially getting cancelled, Sebastian taught himself to play the drums with his feet and the tour ultimately went on as hoped. Even after his hands were all healed up, Sebastian kept on playing the drums with his feet.[1] However, when the band broke up, he gradually lost money and eventually the state turned off his water and electricity after he sold all of his possessions to provide for himself. In fact, for the longest time, his only real source of income were the tiny royalty checks from the Metallichihuahua Pups-cartoon (which stills air in Denmark).[2]


Diper Överlöde[]

Warwick Sprinter told Rodrick Heffley and his band nobody has heard from Sebastian in years. Warwick then pulled out a magazine containing Sebastian's last interview and offered it for twenty-five bucks.[3]

Löded Diper manages to track Sebastian down by looking up all the pool permits that were issued around the time that the last picture of Sebastian was taken. They discussed how they would introduce themselves to Sebastian. Drew said they could scale Sebastian's walls while Bill Walter suggested they could wait for him to come out of the gates and toss him in the back of their truck (i.e., kidnap him). But they couldn't agree on a plan and ultimately decided to wing it.

Diper Överlöde154

The band first sees Sebastian after he had some food delivered to his mansion. But when Rodrick stepped out, Sebastian hurried back and closed the gates. Rodrick yelled and told him they weren't there for an autograph and just wanted to talk. Sebastian stood there and listened to them while he ate his burger. After Sebastian finished his burger, he lets them inside and got them to clean up his pool. When it gets to the point where Rodrick and the other members of his own band ask Sebastian for advice on how to make it big in the music industry, Sebastian gives them two pieces of advice:

  • 1.) If they really want to make it big in the music industry, they should ditch their instruments, hire a choreographer and learn how to lip-sync.
Diper Överlöde158
  • 2.) Feeling that it's pretty much impossible to really "make it big" in the music industry at all, Sebastian decides that the best advice he can give to the Löded Diper is that (unless they want to end up like Sebastian) they should give up their music aspirations altogether and focus on something else, like their education. [4]

During the Battle of the Bands, he ran into his old band members and argued with each other. But when the crowd starts to cheer for them, they decide to perform for the first time since their breakup and presumably reform. [5]




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