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Screen-Free Weekends is an event created by Susan Heffley where on weekends Greg, Rodrick and Manny are not allowed to use anything with a screen on it and have to find other ways to entertain themselves. It appears in The Meltdown where Susan creates it because she thinks that kids are addicted to electronics and that is the reason they misbehave.

Whenever Susan catches Greg and Rodrick behaving during Screen-Free Weekends, she thinks that it's working so they have been misbehaving in front of her during the Weekends, so she stops the event. Manny joins in too because he likes doing whatever his brothers do.[1] Later, Greg wants to sleep in and play video games, but Susan reminds him about Screen-Free Weekends and forces him to go outside.[2]


  • This is the first and the only time so far that all three Heffley brothers agree on something. (Their dislike of the screen free weekends)
  • Screen Free Weekends are one of the rare times Susan and Frank do not spoil Manny as Manny is not shown or mentioned to be treated differently in ways like being allowed to watch TV.
  • It's possible Susan gave up on the idea, due to it not being mentioned in Wrecking Ball.
    • However, in The Deep End, it is shown while she possibly gave up on the idea, she has not given up on her attempts to try limit screen time, as shown when she puts Greg and Rodrick's devices in something called The Vault.




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