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Peachy bweeze is willy neat.
Scotty during a Peachy Breeze commercial

Scotty Douglas is a first grader who paired up with Rowley Jefferson and later Greg Heffley for a magic act for the Winter Talent Show and is currently the spokesperson for an ice cream brand called Peachy Breeze. He appears in Rodrick Rules, The Ugly Truth, The Third Wheel, Double Down and Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid and is played by Jakob Davies in the Rodrick Rules movie.


Rodrick Rules[]

Rowley pairs up with Scotty after rejecting Greg's talent show skit idea, fearing potential bullying due to Scotty being a first-grader. However, during a sleepover prank, Greg accidentally breaks Rowley's big toe, leading Susan Heffley to take him to Scotty's house. There, Greg reluctantly becomes Scotty's partner.

Upon discovering that he is merely Scotty's assistant, Greg protests, not wanting to be a magician's assistant to a first-grader. Scotty's tantrum ensues, prompting Greg to agree reluctantly to avoid further trouble.

Scotty hands Greg a shirt covered in sparkly sequins, insisting it is his costume, and refuses Greg's request to wear something cooler like a leather jacket, as it wouldn't be "magic enough." They practice their act in front of Scotty's baby sister, and the experience even inspires Greg with new ideas for his Creighton the Cretin comics.

During talent show tryouts, Greg unintentionally forgets to hand Scotty his props a couple of times, leading to a less than perfect performance. Despite their efforts, Scotty and Greg are the only act not selected for the Winter Talent Show, leaving Greg feeling a bit embarrassed about the outcome.

The Ugly Truth[]

Scotty wins the Peachy Breeze ad competition and becomes the new Peachy Breeze spokesperson, which annoys Greg, since Scotty says the slogan incorrectly in his ad. He also thinks his selection is ill-advised, given the appearance of his older brother.

The Third Wheel[]

Scotty is mentioned by Greg who claims Scotty borrowed one of his video games over the summer and claimed to have allegedly lost it, though Greg knew he kept it. Greg tells Rowley to go to Scotty's house and intimidate him into handing over the game, although Rowley just ends up playing the game with Scotty, marking the end of their detective agency.[2]

Double Down[]

When Greg has half of his mom's chocolate chips, he invites Rowley over and asks him to bring some more but when he arrives, the chocolate chips have melted. Greg tells Rowley that he'll have to go and get some more but Rowley says that that was all he had. Then Rowley says that maybe he could call up Scotty Douglas to see if he had any chocolate chips.

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

In this movie, Scotty is specified to be seven years old and about to turn eight. He is the assistant in Rowley's magic act during the talent show, with Rowley being the magician. However, he ended up having stage fright, leading Greg to fill his role and ending with his disappointment from not being the one applauded.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly kid[]

Greg and Rowley prank call Scotty by saying 'Your refridgerator is running, maybe you should go catch it.' Scotty then uses his whistle for when Greg and Rowley prank call him. His mom then calls Susan and tells her that Greg and Rowley prank called her son.[3]


In the online book, Scotty Douglas's role remains largely the same. He originally had a magic act planned with Rowley Jefferson, who was later unable to do it. Greg was assigned to be his assistant in the act. However, they did not make it past the auditions.


  • His mother seems to be friends with Greg and Rowley's moms, as Scotty's mom called Greg's mom when Greg and Rowley pranked called him, and he seems to be an acquaintance of Greg and Rowley.
  • Scotty might be suffering from rhotacism, a speech impediment where "R" sounds are pronounced as "W" sounds.



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