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Santa's Scout

Santa's Scout (also known as Elfriendo in the movie) is a home-made doll of a Christmas elf that belonged to Susan when she was a child. It appears in Cabin Fever and its animated adaptation.

A few days before Christmas, Susan told Greg, Rodrick and Manny that Santa's Scout was an elf that spies on the kids and goes back to the North Pole and tells Santa Claus about how the kids behaved. Greg became paranoid that it was watching him constantly.

Rodrick started feeding it all bad things Greg did, and just then, Rodrick found out it wasn't real. To scare Greg, he kept moving it everywhere. This started creeping Greg out, and he would behave his best whenever Santa's Scout was there, believing that it was real.

Later on in the book, when Greg finds out that Manny cut off all the power to the house, he rushes into Manny's room. Manny is sitting at a table with Alfrendo, the gobstopper and Santa's Scout. There is also a giant space heater and a bunch of food in the room. After Manny is busted, Santa's Scout is moved back to his usual place. On Christmas, when Greg goes downstairs and sees no presents, he is worried that it was something to do with Santa's Scout, but it wasn't and the presents were in the garage.


  • It is a parody of Elf on the Shelf.
  • It's head can be seen peeking out of the "XMAS" box in The Getaway
  • Its name in the Cabin Fever movie, Elfriendo, is a portmanteau of Alfrendo (referring to Greg's baby doll of said name from the book), friend, and Elf.
  • In the movie, Elfriendo is described as "one of Santa's most important scouts" by Susan.