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Rusty is one of the main characters in Ghost Friend.[1] He is based off of Rowley Jefferson.

Rusty was best friends with Gabe and even though he sometimes annoyed him he knew that sometimes even best friends get on each other's nerves. When Gabe died, Rusty was saddened and would do anything to spend another afternoon with his pal. Suddenly a cold gust of wind blew and when Rusty turned around, he saw Gabe come back but as a ghost. Gabe said he came back from the spirit world because he knew Rusty needed him.

Rusty was about to go and tell his parents that Gabe was back, but Gabe said they should keep the ghost thing a secret. Rusty said he needed to do his homework and while doing it Gabe was talking about how he was glad he didn't need to do homework which made it hard for Rusty to concentrate. Rusty turned on a soccer game for Gabe to watch but he eventually got bored and started trying out his ghost powers which made it even harder to concentrate. Rusty got ready for bed and hoped that Gabe would float away but when he woke up Gabe was still talking.

Rusty got ready for school and told Gabe he would catch up with him later, but Gabe said he was going with him. During Spanish, there was a pop quiz, but Rusty didn't get a chance to look over his notes the night before because of Gabe. Gabe then told him what he thought were the answers but since he was lousy at Spanish, he got Rusty an F. During recess, Kelsey Reed sat next to Rusty on the bench and started talking to him, but he couldn't respond as Gabe was annoying him.

After Gabe annoyed him a bunch more, Rusty finally snaped and said that maybe it would have been better if he hadn't come back in the first place. Gabe got upset and said he was going to go back to the spirit world. Rusty apologised and Gabe sticked around, but this ended up ruining the rest of Rusty's life in the process. Even though Rusty thought it was nice to have his best friend around he sometimes wondered if he made a terrible mistake.