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Ruby Bird is a strange girl from Larry Mack Junior Middle School who has a tendency to bite students. She is incredibly similar to Fregley, and Greg always makes sure to be nice to her so that he doesn't get bitten by her. She first appears in The Third Wheel.


The Third Wheel[]

Greg mentions about the time Baylee Anthony complained about him last year in ballroom dancing unit. He decides not to write a preferred partner this year, being okay with anyone as his partner except for Ruby. Greg then says that, as far as he knows, Ruby is the only girl to have ever been suspended, for biting Mr. Underwood's arm so hard that her front tooth was lodged in it.[1] The next day, he crosses his fingers not to get paired with her but instead, Ruby gets paired with Fregley which they quickly bonded. Greg says that Ruby and Fregley are "A pair made in heaven".[2] During the Valentine's Day Dance, Ruby was coming towards to Greg until Abigail Brown walked out of the basement which Greg led her to the dance floor.[3]

Big Shot[]

Ruby went into the girls' tryouts where she attacked one of the evaluators after writing her number down. She later gets into Dhruv's basketball team made up of kids failing to get past tryouts. She participates with the team's activities such as doing drills and playing RollerBowling. She and her team played against multiple teams without a single victory one the games were against Slacksville where Dhruv Patel gives the team a speech about representing their own town with pride by fighting hard. However Ruby takes his words literally and took down the Slacksville center. After having not even winning a single game in the season, Susan Heffley invites Ruby to join her team to take part in the Second Chance Tournament. Despite the whole tournament being made up of inexperienced teams, she and her team continues to be defeated. During the game against the Brawlers, she jumps on a kid's back causing an entire fight. By this point it was nighttime, so Susan rented two room one of them was for Ruby and Susan to share. She makes her final debut facing off against the Funky Dunkers and despite some fearsome fighting, Greg ends up scoring the final shot after a turn of events after Susan made Greg join the other team because of their teammates got his foot stomped on by Preet Patel breaking their lead.

No Brainer[]

After Greg's school stops repairing broken equipment, the students approach Ruby Bird to help them sharpen their pencils.[4]


Ruby Bird behaves much like Fregley, she has a habit of biting people, she also has only one front tooth as one got lodged into Mr. Underwood's arm. She had gotten suspended for that. She also bit Fregley according to Greg's relationship chart, but they acted like a couple when they got paired. This possibly means there's a chance that biting is kissing for them.[5]


Ruby is a very skinny and short girl; she has black pigtails and has a tall oval face and wears glasses. She also had only one front tooth because of her habit of biting people. In Big Shot, she is shown having two teeth again.


  • She is one of the few characters whose both of their ears are always shown.
  • As far as Greg knows, she is the only girl who got suspended from Westmore Middle School due to biting Mr. Underwood's arm.
  • She was paired up with Fregley or the dance and Greg believes that they were made for each other.
  • It is shown that she has bit Fregley on page 116 in The Third Wheel, when Greg a list of who is in a relationship or not.
  • Fregley may have made Ruby mad, as she bit him. This may have been during the ballroom dance unit.
  • She is the only "strange" or "disgusting" female student in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
  • Before the release of the 16th Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book, Big Shot, Jeff Kinney has said on Twitter that some minor characters, including Ruby Bird, would be brought back.
  • In Big Shot, Greg does not seem to be afraid of her unlike in The Third Wheel.
  • She is the only girl that bit someone.
  • As seen in Big Shot, Ruby is really bad at basketball.
  • In Big Shot, she is shown having two teeth again. She most likely got a dental implant to replace her missing tooth.




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