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Rowley Jefferson
Name Rowley Jefferson
Alias Turd Burglar
Baby Hippo
Respectful Rowley
Roland the Kind
Gender Male
Age 12-14+
Occupation Middle school student
Status Alive
Actor Robert Capron
Owen Asztalos
Ethan William Childress
First appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online)
Last appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End
Knock knock!
Thermos be SOME way to tickle your funny bone!
Rowley to Greg Heffley

Rowley Jefferson is the friendly and good-natured best friend of Greg Heffley and the son of Robert and Linda Jefferson, who spoil and are often overprotective of him. He is a major character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, often accompanying Greg on his misadventures and getting roped into his schemes, though plays a more antagonistic role in the books where he and Greg are at odds, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Ugly Truth, and Hard Luck.

In addition, Rowley is the protagonist of Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, a spinoff series that centers around him and his tales. In the first three Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, he is played by Robert Capron, with that role being filled by Owen Asztalos in the film adaptation of The Long Haul. He is slated to appear in an animated Diary of a Wimpy Kid film for Disney+, where he will be played by Ethan William Childress.


Rowley has overprotective parents who aren't fond of Greg's behavior (specifically Mr. Jefferson, but his mother can also seemingly get annoyed by Greg too), assuming that he is a bad influence.

He is often seen as an anti-hero in the series, despite being the main character's best friend, as he often does idiotic, nonsensical things, which results in getting Greg in trouble while he gets off scot-free. Despite his idiotic behavior, though, Rowley always wishes the best for everyone and has a caring but quite naive personality. Rowley is an immature boy in several ways. For example, he sleeps with his stuffed toys, he likes his Dinoblazer Actions Figures (which he writes about in his diary), and he even quit writing his popular comic, Zoo-Wee Mama!, for the school paper because he needed time to play with his Dinoblazer Action Figures. He also likes a singer called Joshie, whose audience is young children, mainly girls. On Christmas, he gets many childish things, even giving Greg childish toys like a Big Wheel and a "Best Friends" locket, which Greg refused to wear. In the second film, he got very scared after watching a horror movie called "The Foot," and had to get his parents to take him home.

In the fourth book, he kept his eyes covered the entire time while Greg tried to watch the horror movie, Hello, You're Dead. Also, when he was sleeping in a beach lodge, he got a nightmare that there was a chicken underneath him, which made him scream out loud. His parents calmed him down and Rowley went and slept in their room. In the movie, he goes with his parents to nearby places. If not, then he'd have to follow Greg. In the book, he went in kiddie rides for little kids while Greg was in the Cranium Shaker, a ride that was meant to terrify and disorientate its riders. In Dog Days, his dad scolded Greg for not showing up for 10 minutes.

He is the main character of his own spin-off called Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid, which also had two sequels called Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure and Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Spooky Stories


Rowley Jefferson was born in Ohio to Robert and Linda Jefferson. When he was in fourth grade he moved to Plainview, where he met Greg. He told him knock-knock jokes from a book called "How to Make Friends in New Places" that his parents bought him and Greg didn't understand what he was doing. Greg decided to take him under his wing, mostly because he'd get to do the stuff Rodrick used to do to him when he was younger.

When it's his birthday, he goes to childish places and invites kids in his karate class who are half the age of him and is happy even when he gets childish toys. In Old School, it turns out during the events of The Ugly Truth, Rowley had a birthday party at the Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour. He is also a fun, loving boy, that many like more than Greg usually. He is a good friend of Greg and despite the fact, Greg often uses him (carry his stuff, give him piggy-rides, write English work for him, and scout for dog droppings) he still doesn't question or go against Greg and is willing to be much like Greg. Rowley is quite immature and seems a bit naive which Greg takes advantage of him by manipulating him, but he's charming, cheerful, and innocent nature makes him more popular with other students (particularly the girls) than Greg. His friendship with Greg is arguably more legitimate and developed in the films than in the books. In the novels, Greg primarily uses Rowley for personal gain and always pushes him around, though they are legitimate friends nonetheless. In Dog Days, he smashes "The Muddy Hand", which is really Greg's hand. He is sometimes an enemy, but most of the time he's a "good guy". Rowley has a pure soul and knows that Greg loves him deep down.

Rowley also seems to get along well with his parents and feels very bad when he disappoints them. So far, he has only got in trouble with them three times: the first was in the first book, where he made a mess in the basement as part of a failed Halloween attraction and was banned from watching TV for a week. The second was in Dog Days, where he along with Greg spent 83 dollars at the country club and he forces the two of them to pay it off. The third was also in Dog Days, where he and Greg wandered out of the arcade without Rowley's parents' knowledge and were mad and concerned as to where they went. As a consequence, they were both sent to bed early. At this point, Greg thinks that Rowley has never gotten in trouble with his parents before, but he must have forgotten about the other two occurrences.


Holy pepperoni!
Rowley in the Rodrick Rules movie

In the movie series, Rowley is a boy with a thick build and long bowl-shaped hair that is orange and is wider than Greg's, but his hair is golden brown in Rodrick Rules and Dog Days.

In the book series, he has 7 strands of hair that is flat on his head and is wider than Greg's. He has two large teeth and his mouth never appears to be closed, except for a few occasions.

In the spin-offs, he is skinny (but not as much as Greg). He is even more immature than the original books. Rowley also gets mad at Greg more often. When Greg says his tap dancing is bad, he starts bawling. He likes math and it is highly likely that he has a crush on Ms. Beck, his math teacher. Greg and Rowley got in trouble during one incident and she punishes the boys. Greg receives a three day detention but he doesn't really mind. However, Rowley cries like a baby when Ms. Beck said she was disappointed in him.

In Hard Luck, since he started dating Abigail Brown, he combed his hair differently and had 8 strands rather than 7. After the break-up, his hair got messed up, and had a tired expression before he went back to his original look.




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