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Rowdy Riot is an energy drink that was sold in Greg's school's lunchroom. It was taken away during the healthy eating initiative in Cabin Fever.


Rowdy Riot is explained by Greg Heffley to have been sold in the lunchroom for a long time although the teachers complained that the drink was making kids hyperactive. However, when the school began a campaign to switch the junk food with healthier food, Rowdy Riot was banned. The kids who drank this energy drink became dazed and confused. Some even had to visit the school nurse due to getting the shakes. The kids protested, but the teachers would not relent no matter what.

Later on, a kid named Leon Goodson purchased a large number of Rowdy Riot drinks and began to sell them drug-dealer style, three bucks a pop. Many of the Rowdy Riot addicts were willing to pay, and took their Rowdy Riots to recess. There, they secretly drank them behind a wall.

However, a supervisor named Mrs. Lahey discovered them and forced them to stop drinking and pour the Rowdy Riot out. As soon as she was gone, though, the desperate addicts used their socks to mop up what of the energy drink that they can and squeezed it into their mouths.[1]


Rowdy Riot is contained in a tall can that bears its name in the middle of a large starburst. It appears to have no other features, although some sort of nutrition facts label may be present on its unseen backside. The drink is implied to have a red coloring from the dye.


  • This drink may have been a parody of Surge, due to its starburst can design and how it was banned in many schools.




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