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Rodrick Heffley's pickup truck is an online-exclusive vehicle that is owned by Rodrick Heffley. He often uses it to get around places and usually has Ward in the passenger seat.

Rodrick picks up Greg Heffley after soccer but he had to sit in the back because Ward always goes along with Rodrick. Greg was freezing in the back while Rodrick was blasting some metal music in his ears. When Greg got home he complained to Ann Heffley about having to sit in the back but Ann told him he needed to be polite because Rodrick had a "guest."[1]

Rodrick later pick Greg up from practice of the The Wizard of Oz play. This time Rodrick had Ellie in his passenger seat as an excuse to disallow Greg from sitting in the front. Greg was forced to ride at the back in the open rain on their way home. [2]


  • The vehicle was originally black in its first appearance on pages 275 to 277 before becoming white which is likely an error.