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Rodrick Heffley's phone is an item that appears in Dog Days, Double Down and The Deep End. It is also mentioned in Wrecking Ball.


Dog Days[]

One of the things, Greg has no chance at getting for his birthday is a phone and that's because when Susan and Frank got a phone for Rodrick, he racked up a bill for three hundred dollars in the first month (most of which was from calling them to turn the heat up).

Double Down[]

Rodrick is seen recording Greg on page 75 with his phone.

Wrecking Ball[]

When Greg is cleaning the gutters, he notices the ladder is unstable, so he shouts at Rodrick to hold the ladder steady but he doesn't get a response so he checks to see if Rodrick was on his phone.

The Deep End[]

Rodrick's Phone Gets trapped in The Vault for 2 hours.