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Rodrick Heffley's party was an event that occurred at 12 Surrey Street during October 27th (March 12th in the online version). Rodrick initiated this party due to Susan and Frank permitting him and Greg to manage the house while they departed out for the night. In the second live action film, it is due to the present grievance between Greg and Rodrick.


Rodrick Rules (book)[]

Rodrick contracts the flu and Susan and Frank perceive this as their big opportunity to depart out for the night since they've always been frightened of Rodrick arranging a party while they're gone. Prior to the party, Susan and Frank give Greg and Rodrick a speech about authority and confidence before swiftly taking off. Instantly, Rodrick jumps off the couch and he begins inviting all his friends to the party. In preparation for the party, Rodrick commands Greg to gather up the folding tables from the basement and collect some bags of ice from the freezer. By 7:00, Rodrick's friends begin arriving and Rodrick deceives Greg into assembling more tables; this turns out to be a ploy however as Rodrick locks Greg inside the basement, away from the party. Greg pounds on the door but Rodrick increases the music to overwhelm him out. By 2:00 am, the party was still flourishing and Greg decides occupy the night on one of the supplementary beds in the basement.

Overnight somebody unlocks the basement door and Greg wakes up to the house being in complete disarray. It takes until 3:00 for all the guests to depart and after that, Rodrick coerces Greg to assist in sprucing up the house. Greg finds it difficult to organize the house as Rodrick's friends had carelessly left waste everywhere. By 6:45, Greg believes that they were both finally finished until he spots the message “Hi Rodrick” written in permanent ink on the bathroom door. Greg tries to scrub it off using soap and water to no avail. Greg perceives that they were both screwed but at the last second, Rodrick devises the brilliant idea of switching the bathroom door with the closet door. Just as Greg and Rodrick finish securing the final bolt, Susan and Frank arrive. Greg and Rodrick are relieved that they got away unpunished however Greg predicts that Frank will eventually figure out about the party anyway with the way he was scavenging around.[1]

After a week since Rodrick's party, Frank finally registers that the bathroom door has been recently missing it's lock which causes Greg and Rodrick to stop cold. However, Frank luckily doesn't decipher that they had a party and he just perceives that he is losing his mind.[2] Later, Frank heads out to collect some pictures from Thanksgiving and he obtains a photo of Rodrick's party that one of Rodrick's friends accidentally captured. Rodrick attempts to refute that he had a party but it was overall futile and he was banned from leaving the house for a whole month. Following Rodrick's ban, Greg also receives a two week video game prohibit since Susan and Frank perceive that he was Rodrick's “accomplice”.[3] Quickly after Rodrick's ban, Frank decides to conclude early it due to him frequently occupying practice sessions at their house all day. [4]

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]


The party in the 2011 film

Due to the present grievance between Greg and Rodrick, Susan forces them to occupy the weekend by themselves in order to settle their disputes. Greg and Rodrick are banned from Rockin' Rapids. Greg and Rodrick are also forbidden to invite anybody over. Shortly after his parents depart, Rodrick instantly starts alerting his friends about the party and Greg assists in arranging it. The guests quickly begin arriving and Rodrick deceives Greg into assembling more chairs from the basement. Rodrick locks Greg inside and so he calls Rowley to help break him out; Rowley unfortunately gets caught by Rodrick while he was creeping in and Rodrick locks him inside accompanying Greg. While the party is flourishing, Susan abruptly calls Rodrick on the telephone and so he answers the call very discreetly. Greg manages to infiltrate the call through the landline and he deceives Rodrick into unlocking him and Rowley out of the basement. After letting them out, Rodrick warns Greg and Rowley to avoid embarrassing him before abruptly leaving. Despite the warning, Rowley unintentionally humiliates Rodrick throughout the party and he eventually initiates a conga line. For the rest of the night, the party continues prospering and Greg takes many pictures of it during its peak.

The next morning, Susan alerts Greg and Rodrick that they are departing early due to Manny becoming sick. Greg and Rodrick quickly panic and they immediately begin stripping the house of all its clutter. Before they arrive, Rodrick and Greg discover the message “Rodrick Rules” on the bathroom door and Greg devises the brilliant ploy of replacing it with the basement door. Just as Susan and Frank enter the driveway, Rodrick finishes securing the final bolt. Frank and Susan arrive to the house being pristine; Frank is a little suspicious but the only evidence he finds is General Grant being migrated to the thermostat. After Frank and Susan depart, Greg and Rodrick agree to an accord to deny any accusations their parents make about a party.[5]

Greg got grounded for 2 weeks with no video games for 2 weeks, while Rodrick was grounded for a month. Rodrick's punishment in the film was being only able to leave the house for going to and from school and forbidden from performing in the Winter Talent Show, but Greg Heffley was able to overturn it for the night. The two were also sent to Grandpa Heffley's apartment at Leisure Towers (Where they had to stay with Grandpa) as part of the punishment, too.

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

In the second animated film, the same thing happened like in the live-action film, except that Greg bumps into Susan, causing her to find out after being at Leisure Towers with Grandpa Heffley.


In the online version, Rodrick ends up finding the keys to his truck just weeks after he was punished and escaped the house so he wouldn't have to spend time with Grandpa and Maurlene.


  • The party happened on March 12 in the online version and October 27 in the book version.



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