Loded Diper van

Rodrick's Van is a vehicle that Rodrick Heffley drives, It has Rodrick's band livery, and Loded Diper on the sliding doors. Since Rodrick hauls band equipment in the van, there are no back seats.


  • The drawings of the van in the book are too generic to ressemble any models in particular, but it was portrayed as a 1996-2005 Chevrolet Astro AWD in the first 3 movies.
  • Bill drives the van in the online version, while Rodrick owns a Chevrolet El Camino style pickup truck.
  • In the films it is revealed that the van has a paper clip sign on its back doors.
  • In the online version Rodrick has a truck rather than a van.
  • In Old School, the van was stated to be in poor condition overall, with a broken taillight and an expired inspection sticker.
    • In addition to this, Greg states that the van is at least 15 years old in Rodrick Rules.
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