Rodney James


Rodney james

Name Rodney James
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor Ryan Grantham
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Rodney James is a student of Westmore Middle School and a minor character. In the first book, he appeared for the first time in September, when the "The Wizard of Oz" play began. He played as a bush (which was a made-up character). He figured out how to sneak a game into the bush and play without getting caught, Before the play began, Rodney got stage fright and the production was delayed. His mom had to take him home.


  • In the film, he was seen playing Mario Kart DS on a Nintendo DS, but later during the play he did not play a bush and was part of the Tree scene.
  • According to Jeff Kinney, Rodney James was held back during the events of Rodrick Rules.



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