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The Rock 'N' Rowdy is an outdoor event where a bunch of bands are invited to perform in front of a big audience. Fans would fill up the parking lot where bands sell merch at their merchandise tables. One notable group of visitors are Rodrick Heffley and his band, Löded Diper, who were invited to play during Diper Överlöde.

Rodrick and his bandmates immediately planned ways to capitalize the event since they aren't paid a lot to perform. They agreed that they will be selling merchandise given their advantage over the competition because of their ice cream truck according to Rodrick.[1]

Diper Överlöde143

Full Diper package

The next day, the band arrive but all the good spots were taken despite being a few hours early. They found a space near the porta-potties and only sold their toilet papers due to the high demand. The band were however disappointed that they weren't gonna be playing on the main stage instead, they had to go to the other side of the festival grounds. Even more of a disappointment was the number of fans that showed up for their performance. In fact, after getting set up, they wanted to go home but Susan Heffley stopped them when she signed up for "Full Diper." The Rock 'N' Rowdy event demotivated the band and showed them that they don't have a realistic chance of winning the Battle of the Bands.[2]




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