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I do not like Greg.
Robert to Rowley

Robert Jefferson is the father of Rowley Jefferson, the husband of Linda Jefferson, and the son of Grandpa Jefferson. He is one of the wealthiest people on Surrey Street. He has an on-and-off resentment towards Greg Heffley because he believes he is a bad influence on Rowley, and also because he notices that Greg treats his son poorly.

He serves as a minor antagonist in some of the books. In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film adaptations, he is played by the late Alf Humphreys.


He is an extremely overprotective but well-intentioned parent and will not let Rowley play any video games with the slightest bit of violence or fighting in it, as he sees them as things that could change Rowley into a different or even a bad person. In Old School, he is seen screaming at Rowley to put a stick down. It's also implied that he also has a tendency to jump to conclusions often, similar but worse than Greg's dad Frank. He believes that Greg is a bad influence on Rowley, and he is aware of how Greg mistreats his son. In Dog Days, he banned Rowley from seeing Greg for a whole summer. He and his wife later hired a Cool Brian for Rowley after he stopped seeing Greg.

In shortly, his behavior is worse than some Gargoyle from some Cat Game.


Robert Jefferson lived in Ohio before moving to Plainview and has one older brother. He is married to Linda Jefferson. He is an architect and a stock market investor, and he has become well-off from these occupations. He likes to enjoy his wealth by going to the Country Club and an amusement park called Amusementland. After their son Rowley Jefferson was born, they later moved to Plainview when Rowley was 6-9, and he got a bad impression of Greg Heffley who would later become Rowley's best friend.


Greg depicts Robert with Afro style hair, black shirt, and long pants. In Dog Days, it is shown that he wears pajamas when he is sleeping. He returned in the film version of Rodrick Rules but has no dialogue. He only appears to pick up Rowley after Rowley had sat on the tin-foil ball covered with toothpicks that Manny made for Greg as an apology gift and after Rowley freaked out from watching the movie The Foot and Greg was forced to apologize to Rowley for choosing an inappropriate movie.

Appearance in Poptropica[]

He is shown to have dark-grey hair as seen in the movie, but in Wimpy Kid Boardwalk island in Poptropica had shown he has blonde hair, just like his son Rowley and his wife Linda. He wears a lavender shirt, black shorts, and brown shoes.


  • His first name is revealed in Dog Days when Susan Heffley replies to his email account, thinking he sent the SOS email when Greg actually sent it.
  • It has been shown that he dislikes Greg mainly because he sees Greg as a bad influence for Rowley, as seen in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, because Rowley almost always gets injured at sleepovers, and because he is aware of how Greg treats Rowley. According to Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, he frequently outright tells Rowley that he hates Greg.
  • In The Third Wheel, it is revealed that he is a stock market investor, which would explain their family's wealth.
  • In the French version of the book, Rowley's French name was named Robert, and Robert Jefferson's French name is unknown.
  • His email in the film is mrjefferson6@gmail.com.
  • In Wrecking Ball, Greg reveals that their relationship had a rocky start, when he suggested to trade houses with Rowley while they were moving in.
  • He is almost always drawn with an angry expression on his face.



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