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The Revolting Runts are a line of trading cards mentioned in Diper Överlöde. Greg Heffley said the trading cards were super popular when people like his parents, Frank and Susan, were kids.

Rodrick Heffley's band received a letter from an attorney who represented the company that originally published the series. Upon reading the letter (which looked very official even just from the first page alone), Rodrick and the others learned that the company that originally published the trading card series wanted to sue them because one of the characters from the series was named "Loaded Diaper," who was also portrayed as a rock drummer on the card (and was one of the most popular in the series). The letter went on to explain that even though the cards had been out-of-print for a very long time, the company that originally published them still owned the trademarks to all the characters, including that of Loaded Diaper's. In the end, the letter said that if Rodrick and the others don't change the name of their band, they'll be sued for "monetary damages."[1]

Ultimately, Rodrick's bandmates abandoned him, already having enough with his stricter rules in order to win the Battle of the Bands and didn't want to face what would probably end up being an expensive legal battle. As for Rodrick, he refused to fulfill the letter, resulting in the lawyer representing the trading card company to come up on stage during Rodrick's band's performance during the annual Battle of the Bands and presenting him with a letter that he will be taken to court over the matter.[2]

However, it's unknown if the lawsuit ever happened, because after the lawyer (who turns out to be none other than Stewart Taylor Jr.) got back together with his old rock band and winning the Battle of the Bands (and eventually went on tour), the lawsuit is never brought up again.

Known Trading Cards[]

  • Sewer Sammy
  • Rotting Roni
  • Loaded Diaper


  • The cards are an obvious parody of the Garbage Pail Kids, a popular trading card series from the 1980s that parodied the Cabbage Patch Kids (a line of dolls that was also popular at the time).
  • It's unknown how many characters are in the series-- aside from Loaded Diaper, the only other known characters are "Sewer Sammy" and "Rotting Roni."




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