The Red Socks was Greg's soccer team, with the coach being Mr. Litch and the assistant coach being Mr. Boone.

Their only known loss is against Demon Dawgs (called Green Thunder in the online book). Their regular goal-keeper is Tucker Fox and the backup goal-keeper was Greg.

Greg didn't like the name of the team as it was similar to a baseball team (the Boston Red Sox) and that the jerseys were blue, not red. 

Known Team Members


Former Members

Former Name Ideas

  • Twisted Wizards - This idea was created by Greg and wanting to get the Game Hut to sponsor them, but everyone disagreed with Greg
  • Red Sox - An unknown kid suggested and everyone liked it except Greg. However there was a baseball team by the name that could get them sued, so they changed it to Red Socks.



  • Greg Heffley, Manuel Gonzales, and Mackey Creavy were one of the lower-ranked players and the players with similar ranks were in the same team so it's unknown how the team was unbeaten until the play-offs.
  • In the online version, Albert Sandy was a former Red Socks team member shown by Greg that he quit on the first day.
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