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The Rec League is a league of soccer teams comprised of middle school students from Greg Heffley's neighborhood and presumably the surrounding areas. It is mentioned in The Last Straw and the online book.


The Last Straw[]

When Frank Heffley starts getting on his sons' cases after being humiliated in front of his boss in church, he makes Greg join the Rec League.

After a parent complains about their child not having playing time, the league makes a new rule that each player has to get on the field every once in a while.


The league was first introduced when Ann Heffley stops at Greg's location, who was going up to Rowley Jefferson's house to show him a rewritten script of the The Boy whose family thinks he's a DOG. Every year, Frank makes Greg join the soccer team.[1] On the first day, Albert Sandy quits the league and Greg attempts to use it on Frank to get out of soccer practice.[2]

The online book also goes into more depths of the games. In the first game Greg played no active role as the Shag but his team rolled the Green Thunder with a score of 13-0. This is likely because Mr. Keith had all the good players out in the field while he was holding back the less experienced players.[3]

Later on in the season the coaches started accusing Ian of being too old to be playing on a middle school team thus they went through a 20 minutes routine going through his birth certificate.

This didn't matter as in a game that day the Red Socks scores 9-0 to an unnamed team by half time and the ball didn't even went down to Ian's part of the field once.[4]

Online book208

In the game where Greg and the benchers failed to block a free kick, Ian took the ball and kicked it halfway through the field leading to another Red Sock victory.[5]

Ian was caught driving to the game by a coach from one of the teams, causing an argument. This means Ian was officially kicked out of the League and his position was placed by Greg. But this didn't affect Red Sock's performance as Greg never touched the ball.[6]

Greg indirectly brings up the Rec League and compares it to The Wizard of Oz play. He couldn't decide which one is worse since he literally has to waste hours just to practice one single line.[7]

In the newspaper, the headline was originally "Ants in his pants" which shows Greg playing with ants while leaving the goal vulnerable to a kick from the Wolverines. The news further encourages Frank's decision to enroll Greg to Bishop Garrigan High School.[8]

Later, Greg deleted a voicemail from Bishop Garrigan before Frank finds out thanks to no more soccer practice. Greg is also able to enjoy long naps again.[9]



  • In the UK edition of "The Last Straw", the position of shag was renamed fetcher due to shag being a British slang word for having eseggs.