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Rebel is a rottweiler who used to chase Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson when they pass by his house.[1]

According to Greg, Rebel's owner eventually installed an electric fence to prevent from him from running loose again. Greg and Rowley started to taunt Rebel in retaliation, but recently Rebel discovered his collar alone wouldn't shock him if it doesn't go over his property line. Since then, Greg counted on Rowley warning him about Rebel's poop on the sidewalk before their friendship ended.

One day Greg stepped on one of Rebel's poop with his new shoes without him noticing it. Greg would only find out when he tracked the smell during a geography quiz. While he was switching seats, Greg had tracked Rebel's mess all over the classroom and had to call in Mr. Meeks, who wasn't particularly happy, to clean it up.[2]




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