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Rebecca "Reba" (née Heffley), also known as Great Aunt Reba, or just Reba Heffley, was the paternal great-aunt of Greg, Rodrick and Manny Heffley, the paternal aunt of Frank, Joe, and Gary, and the aunt-in-law of Susan Heffley. Reba was careful in her investments and very frugal, leaving a good inheritance. She was said to have a few living sisters who Greg remembers.


The Ugly Truth[]

Reba has a minor role in this book. One Christmas, Gammie invited the whole family over, but she forgot Reba. Reba came anyway, but she refused to take off her coat, probably to make everybody else feel guilty.

Wrecking Ball[]

She died in her sleep from unknown causes in Wrecking Ball, according to Frank Heffley. Manny was very emotional about her death, which was likely due to Reba favoring Manny over his older brothers, which she didn't get along with, like how Gramma favors Manny too.

No Brainer[]

Greg Heffley is against the idea of resurrection, particularly Reba Heffley because of his guilt for not ever sending a thank-you card to her for his birthday money.[1]


  • In the online book, Aunt Loretta appears instead.
  • She looks more or less identical to Aunt Loretta.
    • It's possible that Aunt Reba and Aunt Loretta are identical twins.
  • In Wrecking Ball, she was confirmed to have died. Her money becomes an inheritance that is given to the Heffleys. They use the money to try and build an extension to their home.
  • When she died, Greg, at first, could not remember her because he apparently has many great aunts until Susan told him she was the one who used to send him angry letters when he forgot to write thank-you notes for his birthday money.
  • She is the mother of Joanne.



No Brainer[]


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