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The Reading Is Fun Club was a club that Susan Heffley started in Dog Days. It was started to teach the boys in Greg Heffley's neighborhood about the quality of "good" literature.


Dog Days[]

Its creation was sparked when Greg Heffley was caught having watched a horror film with Rowley Jefferson during their sleepover. She lectures Greg about how his generation doesn't know "what real entertainment is". She then founds the club, and some of the boys in their neighborhood join.

During their first meeting, Greg felt bad for the other boys whose mom forces them to come. Susan told everyone to bring their favorite books so they could pick one and discuss it. The members put their books on the table, which includes some major picture and video game guide books. Susan didn't think the books were classified as "real" literature and brought out four "classic" books. Susan said if they didn't like the books she picked out, then they could go on a trip to the library.[1]

Dog Days42

In the next meeting, everyone except for Greg and Rowley dropped out of the club. Rowley brought two books with him, and Greg picked out Shadowdoom because it's long and there aren't any illustrations. Susan didn't like Greg's book primary because of how the cover portrayed women, even though there aren't any women in the story. Susan ended up picking Charlotte's Web for them.[2]

In the next meeting Greg was the only member left and couldn't finish his reading assignment as he always finds a distraction.[3]

Dog Days46

Two days later was Greg's deadline for finishing the first three chapters of Charlotte's Web and Susan finds out he wasn't done yet so she made him sit at the kitchen table until he was finished. But this was intervened when Robert Jefferson knocked on the Heffleys' door to show Susan a country club bill from all the smoothies Greg and Rowley ordered. The club was suspended after Susan and Robert came to an agreement that they needed to pay off the bill, much to Greg's relieve.[4]

The club can be seen in Susan's photo album in two separate photos at the end of the book. The first photo shows all the members holding a book and staring at the camera being captioned as "The 'Reading Is Fun' gang says 'no' to video games," and the last photo features Greg and Rowley being captioned as "best friends!" [5]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

In the movie adaptation, Rowley, Chirag Gupta, and Greg were the only members.


Dog Days[]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

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